.PPR Piping Systems in Uganda

General Guidilines for Installation

General Guidilines for Installation

 For pipe work inside buildings
• No pipe should be secured to another pipe or used as a support for other pipes.

• The arrangement of pipes should facilitate their identification. Mounting plates should be used where required.

• Pipes should be laid so as to prevent the formation of air locks. Where pipes are likely to suffer from frost damage, drainage fittings should be provided at the lowest points of the system.

• Where pipes are laid above one another, exposed cold water pipes should be on the lowest level in order to minimize the risk of condensation.

• Where a system provides water to two or more buildings, a riser should be installed in each building.

• Where draw-off points on a storey require backflow prevention but are not individually isolated, the main branch pipe should branch off from the riser not less than 300 mm above the maximum possible water level on the storey.